Sunday, 29 July 2012

Pink Lady

After finishing work today, when I returned to Henrietta (my lovely squeaky bicycle), I found that during the day, someone had stuck a Pink Lady sticker firmly in the centre of the handlebars. It made me smile. It's making me smile again now. Little did the sticker-planter know, just what a Pink Lady I was today...

I was wearing a little pink cardigan over AVOCA's Sugar Almond dress from the lovely shop I work in- CUCKOO Clothing... Avoca's photo shoot of it (above left) makes me think of some of my favourite Tim Walker shots- (above right) Lily Cole and Giant Pearls. I think it's the doll-like posture of the model and that the chicken house suggests a playing with scale that reminds me of Tim Walker's work. LOVE HIS STUFF.